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  • Choosing Between An Eco Friendly Pool And An All Natural Swimming Pool

    Jul 08 2012
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    Natural pools are great, they’re much better for the environment than the chemical filled, toxic environment which is a traditional swimming pool. However, sometimes they’re a bit icky. They grow algae, which is great for the small marine life and bugs that live on it, but doesn’t always feel, smell, or taste so nice. An eco friendly pool can change your outlook. You can transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis that doesn’t harm the environment but still offers crystal clear water. An Eco friendly pool does this by maintaining pool water as freshwater. Using natural minerals (copper which is an algae-cide and silver, a bactericide) your swimming water is held to tap water standards. So you’re swimming in your household water, that’s clearer and cleaner than a natural pond pool would offer but doesn’t harm the environment because it uses natural minerals not toxic chemicals. Beyond the methods offered above there are two other ways that swimming pools are maintained: chlorine and salt. When chlorine dissipates through a swimming pool it is released into their air in the form of chlorine gas. With an eco friendly pool there is no release of toxic chlorine gas into the atmosphere! It also means your swimmers have no chance of breathing in any of the toxic chemical gases! Salt offers a different but similar way of sanitizing a swimming pool. It seems natural but don’t be fooled! Salt chlorination simply brings the chlorine factory to your backyard. Release and discharge of pool water. Every time a pool is “dumped” the substances that were utilized to sanitize the pool are released into the watershed. Chemicals are obviously bad for the plants and animals that rely on the local watershed. Many cities have also banded the dumping of saltwater pools because it has become too costly for the city to reclaim water that is so heavily saturated in salt. That can mean thousands of dollars in waste-hauling every time your pool is ready to dump. An eco friendly pool is just as clean as tap water so there is no added cost when your pool water needs to be renewed. Back washing safe for plants… can you imagine what would happen if you put chemical-saturated or salt-filled water on your plants?  
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  • Annette & Jeff

    My husband and I are so delighted with our Clear Swim. We debated whether or not to get a salt system, but the Clear Swim was the obvious choice for many reasons. Salt systems turn into chlorine, which is what we were trying to avoid. So really, what’s the point in purchasing a salt system? Our Clear Swim system keeps our pool sparkling without any chlorine, and there is no hard water build-up on the tiles either. No one has to rinse their hair out, and there are no stingy eyes! Plus, I don’t have to rinse off my dogs when they go in the pool, so I don’t have to worry about their skin and hair as with the other systems. Maintenance is almost non-existent. We do water checks a couple times a week, and fill the muriatic acid dispenser tank as needed. Done. And with our vacuum pool cleaner roaming the pool, there is little else to do except clean out the leaf basket from time to time. All in all, I can’t say enough positive things about the Clear Swim system. It’s certainly made our pool maintenance and worry free, plus it has resolved any skin and hair issues that come with chlorine and salt systems. Sincerely, Annette and Jeff non chlorine pool options, natural swimming pools, natural swimming pool, fresh water swimming pool, eco friendly swimming pools, chlorine free swimming pools, chlorine free swimming pool systems, chlorine free pool systems, chemical free swimming pools, chemical free swimming pool system,benefits of freshwater pool, chlorine free swimming pool testimonials, chemical free swimming pool testimonials,