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The ClearSwim System is the natural alternative for a Non-Chemical fresh water swimming pool system that produces clear, clean water. The ClearSwim System is a MADE-IN-THE-USA, FRESH WATER, pool system made from the highest quality materials on the market so that you can rest assured your pool is in the best of condition for you and your family. This Eco Friendly Fresh Water Pool System is a great alternative to salt and chlorine! It is the system that supplies ‘Luxury Water’ for the swimmers comfort. With the proper water balance it will minimize and/or eliminate Red Eye and Itchy Skin.

Many of us grew up in an era with pools that were treated with harsh chemicals. At the same time, many of us grew up with a variety of ailments that could have possibly been associated with these harsh home chemicals! Today, there are studies showing these harsh home chemicals may have a negative impact on the respiratory tract, causes skin irritation, and various other harmful conditions to the health of humans and pets. The need for clear clean swimming pool water is as important today as it has been in the past…so how can you protect your family while maintaining your pool and spa water quality?
ClearSwim is the natural, eco-friendly, non-salt alternative system for pools and spas. By utilizing nature’s minerals of copper, zinc, and silver in harmony with ClearSwim’s enhanced oxidation method, the ClearSwim system creates soft clear water without the toxic effects of harsh chemicals. In addition this natural mineral method will not deteriorate the pool equipment and surrounding area caused by harsh chemicals and/or the heavy salt water used in the salt chlorine generators.

Negative effects of harsh chemicals or salt use

Aside from the possible health drawbacks, using harsh chemicals in your pool or spa can take a toll on your landscape and on your budget as well.
  • Lawn, plant, and pool deck damage if in contact with the water
  • Equipment may deteriorate much faster
  • Cost of equipment replacement
  • Bathing suits fade

Benefits of ClearSwim System

Unlike the alternatives, ClearSwim’s mineral system maintains clear clean water for your pool without damaging your equipment or causing harm to your family’s health. It essentially maintains your tap water in a clean state, which makes it feel like you are swimming in a clean spring rather than a chemical saturated tank. If you have spillover, your lawn will simply be watered in fresh water, not dowsed in harsh destructive chemicals.
  • Prolongs the life of pool surfaces, fixtures, and landscapes
  • Easily integrated with new or existing pool piping and equipment
  • No skin or respiratory irritation
  • No irritating chemical odor
  • Eliminates need for costly and health harming stabilizers or conditioners
  • Attacks algae growth
  • Easy operation (can utilize backwash of pool to water plants, trees, and lawns)
  • Very easy maintenance
  • One system will handle up to 25,000 gallon capacity pool based on pool pump capacity gpm rate
ClearSwim is made in the USA and uses nature’s minerals by the ionization process in conjunction with the oxidation process, enhanced in the ClearSwim’s Emitter Chamber by the use of electrolysis. These processes work together in harmony to maintain your pool or spa– without the need of possible unhealthy harsh chemicals! Unlike chlorine pools (be it granular, liquid or a chlorine producing salt chlorinator), those using the ClearSwim system have no need for chemicals like shock to maintain water clarity or conditioner/stabilizers to ‘hold in’ the chlorine affect in the water. With ClearSwim you not only have a more natural environment for your family and your pets which may use the swimming pool as a watering hole, but now have an eco-friendly, (and in this company’s opinion) a healthy alternative to chlorine or salt chlorinators.
EPA# 91078-MI-001

Easy Install

No Chlorine No Salt Low Maintenance

If you want NO CHLORINE, NO SALT, and EASY
MAINTENANCE for your pool ClearSwim System is the perfect choice!

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What is ClearSwim System?
ClearSwim System is a freshwater, non-chlorine pool sanitation system. ClearSwim System uses copper and silver Ionization and Electrolysis to produce Oxidation to maintain your tap-water's original qu... read more...

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  • IMG_20151008_153049077 (1) Dr Paul S
    I’ve been using the clear swim system for 3+ years now. I have recommended this system to many of my patients and I feel it is the leading System out there. The technology is advanced and a great solution for many of the families out there. There are many benefits to the system it allows […]